Bilbao, in northern Spain, is the port city in the Basque region. Its unique architecture, arts and culture, and local cuisine make it an excellent tourist destination.

City Guide Bilbao
Population: Approximately 350,000
Cliamet: Temperate climate; summers are hot and winters are mild. Precipitation is all year round. The most ideal time to visit is between May and October. The average annual temperature is around 19ºC.
Language: Spanish, Catalan
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT +1
Office Hours: Monday – Friday
Area Code: +34- 94
Transportation:You can get to the city center with a BizkaiBus in about 25 minutes. For a more comfortable journey, you can also hail a taxi.2475 kilometersBilbao has a very sophisticated tram and subway system, allowing you to access every part of the city.

Step By Step – Bilbao
With find the city once foot, take after this course. Start strolling starting with Dona Casilda Iturrizar park. Following strolling through the park Furthermore enjoying those new air, try should Museo de Bellas Artes, south of the stop. This expressive arts storehouse need more than 8,000 bits that go once more of the 12th century. After those museum, keep southeast should land at Gran Via, Bilbao’s A large portion celebrated road. Shops of Different kinds, and in addition cafes alternately restaurants, transport the road. Afterwards, stroll south starting with Iparraguirre Kalea to see Bilbao’s new social center, Alhóndiga, around your left; it’s spotted On Arriquibar square ahead Alameda Recalde road. Alhóndiga need presentation halls, a library, a wellness club, a cinema, shops Furthermore restaurants. Next, try northeast on get of the Euskalduna gathering What’s more music castle. Then afterward seeing this great structural work, try should Fundación Bilbao 700- iii Millenium Fundazioa, an alternate Expressions Also society center, Also the place you could Get An execution.