It is a great pleasure to walk through Bologna’s streets, which bear the traces of the Middle Ages. Bologna, also known as ”Citta slow,” meaning slow city, and “the fat one” for its delicious foods, promises its guests a peaceful holiday.

City Guide
Population: Approximately 400,000
Climate: The city has a warm temperate climate and a high precipitation rate in all seasons. The average temperature is 24ºC in July and 2ºC in January.
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: GMT +2
Office Hours: Monday – Friday
Banks: 8:20 AM – 1:20 PM /2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Government offices: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Area Code: +39 – 51
Transportation: It is possible to get to the city center from the airport by buses departing every 15 minutes or by taxis. The distance between Istanbul and Bologna: 1,565 kilometers. Bologna has an extensive bus network that is efficient and easy to use.

Step by Step – Bologna
Start strolling starting with Piazza Maggiore, the city focus about bologna. When beginning your walk, you could need a container from claiming espresso toward a standout amongst those cafés Also revels in your notable surroundings. You will most likely perceive the wellspring from claiming Neptune, which will be on the right of the square. Straight next will this recorded fountain, maybe those Palazzo Communale, An building resembling An estate. Fabricated in 1287, today it is utilized Similarly as a regulatory focal point and the region’s securities exchange trade. Assuming that you keep on going soutane from here, you will arrive in front of the Basilica di San Petronio, which might have been assembled in the fourteenth century. A little further on the left, you will see Archiginnasio, An great engineering landmark circled by porticoes. This building once belonged to the college and is Right away constantly utilized as the metropolitan library. It may be an occasion when should take off the square. On you proceed with an ahead Clavature road on the east of the square Also transform straight In the end of the road should by means of Santo Stefano, those ways will make you to Santo Stefano. This structure, which may be intricate from claiming churches, might have been changed over under a cloister in the 8th century. Assuming that you do a reversal on the same road till the wind et cetera keep ahead Zamboni road a while, you will land at the college for bologna and the range the place the school museums would found. Following going by those college museums, a leader with Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna, those national craftsmanship display about bologna.